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    The National Pingtung University of Education and National Pingtung Institute of Commerce officially merged on August 1, 2014 to form National Pingtung University (NPTU). NPTU offers a diverse range of educational options that includes higher education, teacher training, and vocational and technical education. This allows for abundant interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Through the integration of its facilities and resources, NPTU aims to advance the faculty’s teaching and research capabilities and enhance our students’ global competitiveness by offering greater student learning resources and career development skills in order to empower students and faculty to become more competitive and achieve sustainable development.

    The university has a beautiful campus and offers a high-quality learning and research environment. In order to maintain the campus environment, we have developed various management strategies to control pollutants such as waste, wastewater, air pollution, chemicals and toxic waste. The construction of a green university is an important goal for its future development. It emphasizes environmental education so as to enhance the environmental awareness of faculty and students, and integrates the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection into university life as well as the teaching process at the university.

    In addition, we constantly review the management of the campus and the external environmental impact, formulate improvement strategies and action plans, reduce the impact of pollution on the environment, work towards sustainable development, and strive to give back to the society.